Unplugging Kids from Technology

It just takes a little planning to curb the addiction to screens.

Children rely on technology more than ever resulting in less exercise and a lack of creativity. Here are a few “old school” activities to help them disconnect from their devices:

  1. Personal Puzzles – Cut an old photograph into various pieces and then see how quickly they can put it back together.
  2. Build a Fort – Drape blankets over chairs to create a cool fort. Once they’re comfortable in their new abode, drop by with some “fort warming” snacks.
  3. And… Action! – Putting on a play is a great way to exercise a child’s imagination. They can take turns writing, acting, designing costumes and even filming.
  4. Egg & Spoon Race – Give your children an egg and spoon and see how quickly they can cross the finish line without dropping it. This old-fashioned game will get them active and outside!
  5. Caching In – Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game! Register online and then set off to find the hidden cache with the help of a GPS.

Kids love being tourists in their own cities so take some time to regularly plan fun family outings that don’t involve technology. If we make the effort to disconnect once in a while, our kids will be more likely to do the same.