Shopping at the ReStore is a great way to support those in our community!

You’ve probably heard of Habitat for Humanity, the non-profit organization that helps struggling families find affordable housing, but they also operate “ReStores” that sell reclaimed building materials.

The first ReStore was opened in 1991 by five Canadians and there are now more than a thousand locations worldwide!

ReStores are basically an international chain of building supply stores that accept and resell new and used household items and materials to help support those in need.

Aside from raising funds to build houses, the ReStore is a great way for you to save a bit of money now that prices of everything have risen so sharply. It also helps keep millions of tons of materials from ending up in landfills each year.

Every ReStore is different and the inventory is constantly changing. You’ll find items such as windows, doors, paint, hardware, lumber, tools, furniture and appliances – basically everything including the kitchen sink!

The local ReStore is the perfect place to go if you have a passion for restoring and upcycling old furniture as there’s always a never-ending supply of “diamonds in the rough” that are waiting to be transformed into a unique creation!

If you haven’t visited the ReStore yet, you should definitely check it out. It’s always a fun experience because you never know what you’re going to find!

Better still, you’ll be helping to fund future home-building projects for those in need while also doing your bit for the environment – it’s the perfect win-win-win scenario!