Marinating your meat or vegetables is a very important step in the barbecue process, but why not flip the script and add your marinade after everything’s been grilled?

Reverse marinating is a rapidly growing trend because you don’t lose any of the flavour. It’s also super easy!

All you need to do is grill your protein, pull it off the BBQ and then pour your delicious homemade marinade on top while it rests so that it soaks up the incredible fresh flavour as it cools.

To make your own marinade, you’ll need to start with the basic elements which are 3 parts oil (olive oil is a great choice), 1 part acid (vinegar, lemon juice or wine), a bit of garlic and finally a few of your favourite herbs!

If you’re cooking with chicken or pork, try adding some chilli flakes, ginger and honey. For beef, you can add Worcestershire sauce, fresh horseradish and brown sugar while scallions, soy and maple syrup go great with vegetables. Enjoy!