Being properly prepared is critical when facing a potential blackout.

Losing your power can be a scary prospect, especially for long periods of time when the weather turns nasty. Here are a few tips to help you cope if you suddenly find yourself in the dark:

  1. Take Stock – Stock your pantry with water and non-perishable food items.
  2. Request Backup – Purchase a portable power supply to charge essential electronics.
  3. Match Box – Store matches, candles, batteries and a multi-bit screwdriver in a central location.
  4. Let There Be Light – Ensure each family member has a flashlight stored in a designated spot.
  5. Keep Your Cool – Don’t open your freezer or fridge unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  6. Stay Tuned – Have a battery-operated radio on hand so you can receive local news updates.
  7. Check Up – Check on residents in your community, especially if they’re elderly or on their own.
  8. Flip the Switch – Turn off the thermostat and all electronic equipment to prevent damage from a power surge when the power’s restored.

Blackouts can catch us off guard as we often take everyday essentials like light and heat for granted but by properly preparing for a blackout, they’ll be no need to panic. You can instead relax and have fun playing board games and telling stories by candlelight.