Imagine the excitement as you walk through your new home a few days before closing! Your joy however quickly turns sour when you discover the antique chandelier you fell in love with has vanished.

Now imagine you’re the sentimental seller packing up the chandelier your grandmother passed down to you when the angry buyer calls to confront its removal.

Unfortunately, this type of scenario plays out all too often, so here are a few tips that’ll help save you from falling into a similar situation:

The Fix is In
A fixture is an item that’s physically attached to the home such as a ceiling fan or curtain rods.

Chattel Challenge
A chattel is an item that can be easily removed without causing physical damage such as a hanging mirror or a fridge.

List It or Lose It
Real estate law isn’t always black and white when it comes to fixtures, so make a list of your exclusions ahead of time.

Remove any fixtures that have sentimental value before you put your home on the market so the buyer won’t feel like they’re missing out.

Hole in the Wall
There’s usually a bit of damage left behind when a fixture’s removed, so let the buyer know you’ll make the necessary repairs to help put their mind at ease.

Chattels and fixtures can often be subjective. To avoid unnecessary confusion and possible legal action, be sure to proactively specify your exclusions as soon as you put your home on the market. Whether you’re selling or buying, you’ll want a smooth transaction where both parties walk away happy!