Earth Day is the perfect time to pick up a rain barrel, or two!

On Monday, April 22nd, Earth Day will be celebrated around the world!

Earth Day is the perfect time to pick up a rain barrel so that you can start collecting naturally pure rainwater to use in your garden. Here are some of the many advantages of having a rain barrel:

Watered Down
Rainwater can be used for watering plants which will reduce your water bills.

Right As Rain
Your houseplants will thrive as rainwater is naturally soft and chemical-free.

Breathe Easy
Rainwater contains more oxygen than tap water which promotes plant growth.

Don’t Run Off
Rain barrels reduce stormwater runoff which helps prevent erosion and pollution.

Rain Or Shine
Rain barrels provide a sustainable water source during droughts or water restrictions.

If you already have a rain barrel, make sure it’s securely connected to your downspouts, clear of debris and that the overflow drain points away from your foundation.

If you don’t already have a rain barrel, Earth Day is the perfect time to pick one up. That way, you’ll be able to cash in on the April showers!

Whatever you end up doing this Earth Day, here’s hoping you have a world of fun and a barrel of laughs!