Most dogs need a daily dose of exercise so they don’t go stir crazy! Here are a few indoor games you can play with your pup when the weather outside isn’t so nice:

Hide and Seek
Your dog’s sense of smell is a thousand times more powerful than ours so they’re already pros at seeking. Just have them sit and stay in another room while you hide and then quietly call them.

Basket Case
Dogs can be messy, so why not teach them to pick up after themselves! Just sit behind a basket and encourage them to drop their toy in it instead of bringing it to you.

Living Room Agility
A little DIY obstacle course means your dog can still enjoy some exercise. Just set up up a few homemade jumps using either rolled-up blankets or cushions and use treats to guide them along.

Don’t let a bit of bad weather spoil your fun! These games are a great alternative to playing outdoors as you’ll keep your canine companion entertained and mentally stimulated. Just remember to praise and reward them each time they do a good job. Who’s a good dog!?!