The lowly lemon can make quite an impact around the house!

Load up on lemons if you’re looking for a powerful, environmentally-friendly cleaner that can tackle virtually any household chore! Here are a few ways they can make your home naturally sparkle:

  • use lemon juice to remove stains on countertops
  • mix lemon juice with baking soda to create a scouring paste
  • soak carpet stains with lemon juice for 20 minutes, then rinse and blot
  • heat a bowl of water with sliced lemons in the microwave before wiping it down

A great tip for squeezing as much juice as possible from your lemons is to microwave them for 30 seconds, wait a minute, then cut and squeeze.

Lemons are an excellent alternative to traditional toxic cleaning solutions and they’ll fill your home with a refreshing citrus scent that won’t leave a sour taste behind!