Halloween is a great way to get to know the people on your street!

It’s not often that the people on your street are out roaming around in full force which makes Halloween the perfect time to build some community spirit! Here are a few fun ideas to consider:

Costume Swap
Arrange a costume swap where neighbours can trade or borrow costumes to help make Halloween preparations easier and more eco-friendly.

Carve Out Some Fun
Grab some pumpkins, carving tools and refreshments to host a creative get-together that encourages your neighbours to carve out a spooktacular masterpiece!

House of Horrors
Organize a contest to see who can create the spookiest house on the block. Encourage everyone to get involved by casting their vote and then offer a small prize for the winner!

Haunted Housewarming
Forge new friendships by hosting an open house. Serve a few simple drinks and snacks and invite everyone on your block either before, after or during trick or treating.

Grossest Grub
Have all the families on your street bring a Halloween-themed food item and then vote on the grossest, scariest food to see who wins!

Getting to know your neighbours can sometimes take a while but Halloween provides the perfect backdrop for creating lasting connections with those who share your spooky spirit!

Everyone lets their guard down when they’re in a costume so this Halloween, make it a plan to build up your community with some spooktacular fun while making some new friends in the process!