Ditching the lazy days of summer doesn’t have to be a drag.

As summer winds down, we need to start getting the kids back into the school time routine, starting with bedtime. Here are a few tips to help them adjust:

  1. Screens Out – Don’t let your kids play video games before bedtime as screens can affect their sleep.
  2. Get Moving – Exercise improves sleep considerably so try and sneak in extra activities throughout the day but avoid it two hours before bed.
  3. Gradually Adjust Bedtime – Don’t wait until the night before school. Instead, gradually take it back 10 – 15 minutes early until you reach the desired time and get up at the same time each morning.

Being sleep deprived will affect both your kids and your own ability to focus and learn. It’s therefore important to adopt good sleep habits to help increase your energy levels during the day which will in turn help you sleep better at night.