Starting a new chapter at a different school can sometimes be a challenge.

Switching to a new school can cause children a considerable amount of stress. If your child has just started at a new school, the following tips may help them settle in:

Be Positive
Discuss your children’s fears while encouraging a confident approach to making new friends.

Fear Not
Chances are, you’ll be a little nervous too so be careful not to transfer your anxiety over to them.

Lighter Load
Consider dialing back chores for the first little while to give them a bit of extra time to relax and connect with their new classmates.

Join Up
Encourage your children to join school clubs/teams and participate in after-school activities so that they can have fun and meet new friends.

Lead the Way
Setting an example is key so consider attending field trips and other school events so that your kids will follow suit and become more involved themselves.

Moving to a new school can be a difficult transition so try to emphasize the positive when discussing the challenges and opportunities your children will face. If you encourage them to share their feelings with you, it’ll be much easier to help them adjust to their new surroundings.